Community Engagement

Alongside our normal suicide prevention work SPIIOW also undertake Community Engagement, this is designed to be a preventative project in areas across the Island, you will often see our team members out and about dressed in the same easily identifiable kit (inc their ID badges) at different times of the day and night.

Community Engagement is a big part of what SPIIOW does, and this is an ongoing project that takes place in our community in the public domain, the team members will very often stop to speak to members of the public at a number of locations, if you see them team out and think that “something is just not right” about someone you can always pass this information on to them.

We plan our engagement areas in a number of ways, one of them ways is from data we have collected over the years along with other information that has been put together.

Our Community Engagement programme will often take place during the day, evening, and into the early hours of the morning. Our teams work closely with a number of agencies and organisations to ensure a coordinated & safe response to any one that is at risk of suicide, from this we keep them safe for now, and arrange further hep for them.

This project relies totally on fundraising, grants and donations for it to remain operational and to keep members of our community safe