Front Line Responders


Front Line Responder

As a Front Line Responder (FLR) you will form part of a fully trained and skilled team who respond to a person at risk of suicide in the public domain. This volunteer role can be very demanding at times in all weather at any time of the day or night. The request for you to attend and help a person in crisis can happen during family events, Christmas day of just a day of relaxing.

Once you have been through the recruitment process, you will then undertake your agreed 3 shifts per month (more are welcome) for a period of no more than 3 months. During this time you will be given a weekend date where you will undergo a full weekend of training to enable you to become operational at the level of Trainee Team Member. This training is known as the Core Competency training and will involve assessments.

Being a volunteer Front line Responder (FLR) will involve (not limited to): 

Community engagement in known key locations both on foot and in a vehicle with another team member

Approaching potential casualties and assessing those perceived to be at risk (once training is complete)

Negotiating with people at risk (once training is complete)

Helping our community to stay safe

Other areas will also include:

Promoting the work of SPIIOW

*On call for a 7 day period in a month

Undertake 3 shifts of community engagement per month

Encouraging others to volunteer for SPIIOW

Notes for Applicant:
Volunteering and working - You can have a full time job and still be a SPIIOW front line responder
You must ask your employer if you can respond to a person at risk during work hours before you become a
You can still go on holiday - just let your SPI team lead know when you’re going to be away