When a person feels that they want to end their life from suicide and when time is the key to survival our front line team will immediately act to intervene. This could be a person’s home address or other locations across the Island, once through the crisis our “follow up programme” will continue to support those in need this could be by sign posting to one of our working partners or our own in house support.

Our Front Line Teams:

Our front line teams are trained in a number of ways – this includes a minimum of 10 week training programme (and ongoing training) that covers a wide range of topics that our teams could come across when responding to a person in a crisis.

We undertake vehicle & foot patrols in “key locations” across the Island as part of our daily duties reaching out to anyone who maybe in a crisis or in a dark place at that time, using our skills in crisis intervention we reach out to offer supportive listening, to start a dialogue and to encourage more hopeful solutions than suicide – and work to keeping that person safe for now, we will also respond to emergency calls, to locate people at risk from suicide

We believe that people who can receive skilled crisis intervention support when they are in a time of crisis, people in suicidal distress can be awakened to the hope that there are other ways forward to address the problems they face

We know that when a person is in a suicidal distress the offer of help can be over-looked; our teams will build up a trust with the person at risk from the start, right to the person receiving further help and support.

We work alongside local services helping people to access further support and offer plans to help them keep safe moving forward, this is available from our resources page.

Our crisis response teams are trained in:

  • Crisis (Suicide) Intervention & Prevention (always ongoing)
  • *FREC3 (First Response Emergency Care) or First Aid
  • Certificate in Awareness of Mental Health covering all areas.
  • Information recording

Our crisis response teams are equipped with:

  • Full PPE
  • Full radio system over a 3G,4G/LTE closed network (giving full Island coverage)
  • A live up to-date portal with access to person who are reported to be at risk during a given time
  • Search Torches
  • Mobile units with vehicle & Foot patrols - in locations of concern

Our crisis response teams are:

  • DBS Checked
  • Fully Insured
  • On call 24/7