Potential Warning Signs

You may have noticed that someone is not behaving as they normally would, or have the feeling that something is not right with that person. People who are thinking about suicide often find ways to let us know that they need help, this could be in a number of ways, some times not by speaking at all, we could call these 'warning signs" or red flags" Here are some potential signs that might let you know that someone could be thinking about suicide. Remember no list is complete, and people are very individual



Actions: -

Giving away possessions

Withdrawal from friends, family, school, work

Loss of interest in sport or other clubs etc

Misuse of drugs, alcohol (or even stockpiling pills)

Impulsive/reckless behaviour


Extreme behaviour changes

Words: -

All of my problems will end soon

No one can do anything

Now I know what they were going through

I just can't take it any more

I am a burden to everyone

I can't do anything right

Life has no purpose

I just can't think straight anymore

Wanting a way out of pain or a difficult situation

Physical: - 

Lack of interest in appearance

Disturbed sleep

Physical health complaints


Feelings: -  









Stressful events with feelings of loss

But please understand, no list is complete, and people are very individual. Be alert to changes in someone that might cause you to be worried. Any of these 'warning signs' might not be connected with thoughts of suicide. The only way to be sure whether someone is thinking about suicide is to ASK.

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