Press & Media

“We just don’t talk about it…”

Our teams can be called out by members of the public, concerned family members or the emergency services when someone is in need of specialist help. This means that we have been informed of a person who is at risk of ending their life by suicide  or self harming intentions, meaning that the person is at much higher risk than normal.

This leaves us with a duty of care to that person which extends beyond keeping them safe for now. We also have a duty to offer them continued protection by not giving any information which might link their name to anything or attract people to a scene who may be there for nefarious reasons.

For these reasons we have a policy and that is “we just don’t talk about it” this includes we will never make contact with any media or press outlets to inform them that we have been tasked or called out to a location, we will never post on our social media platforms “TEAM CALL OUT”.

We are more than happy to talk freely about our work in the community in our sector and even bring some of the equipment along that we use to help people.

Being able to talk about what we’re doing is important for us – it engages our social media followers and the public – and we often see a little spike in donations when we’re mentioned in the press.

If you’re reading this and you’ve shared an appeal for a missing person in the past, and they’ve been found, please consider deleting your posts to help that person move on with their life.