Suite of policies

We regularly review and update our policies and procedures in order to maintain the highest standard of professionalism and safety.

All our team members and trustees are required to adhere to the following policies and procedures, these are all signed and kept on the individuals file for reference.

Code of Conduct Policy
Confidentiality Policy
Data Policy
Acceptable Use Policy
Safeguarding Policy
Children & Vulnerable Adult Protection
Equal Opportunities Policy
Media Policy

Risk Assessment (Cliff)
Water Incident Policy
Health and Safety Procedure at SPIIOW
Lone Working SPIIOW
COVID19 for Front Line
PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Policy
Driving Policy
Smoking Policy
Personal Safety and Wellbeing
Problem Solving Procedure
TRIM Policy โ€“ Trauma Risk Management Policy
Insurance Policy โ€“ Public & Volunteers liability
Organisational Concerns Policy

All our procedures and policies are available upon request by filling in the form below

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