Support Member

Support Member

As a Support Member (SM) of the organisation you are not directly involved in searching, intervention or the keeping safe of the casualty but are involved in the running of the operations of the team during a response.  This member/s will be appointed to assist in aspects of team operations as needed, but will not be deployed as front line responder.

In this role you will form part of the key roles to assist our fully trained and skilled team who respond to a person at risk of suicide in the public domain. This volunteer role can be very demanding at times in all weather at any time of the day or night. The request for you to attend and help a person in crisis can happen during family events, Christmas day of just a day of relaxing.

Once you have been through the recruitment process, you will then undertake a number of shift to get a feel of what our responders do, where they undertake their work and learn about the equipment used. During this time you will be given a weekend date we you will undergo a full weekend of training to enable you to become operational at the level of Support Member (SM) This training is known as the Core Competency training and will involve assessments.

Being a volunteer Support Member (SM) will involve (not limited to): 

Have a good understanding of the areas that SPIIOW are called to or undertake Community Engagement
Receiving and recording information.
Logging information during the incident
Reporting incidents using the NATO phonetic alphabet
Communicating with Team members, casualties - emergency services, and members of their family the
public (this will depend on the level of your training at that time)
Using radio communications with other team members.
Maintaining written or typed records of events.
There is a three month probation period at the end of which the committee will inform you if you are
successful in joining our group. DBS check is also required
Encouraging others to volunteer for SPIIOW