Swiftwater & First Responder (SFR) – DEFRA Module 2


This qualification certifies our team to work around and in (wadding depth) water and to undertake bank-based and shallow-water wading rescues to a person that could be suicidal. As a Water First Responder we are able to support rescues in which Water Rescue Technicians have been deployed. We will have the ability to self rescue in water up to UK grade 2 and have good practical skills in shallow water working, basic boat handling (land based procedures) and basic rope work.

As First Responder we will be able to support Rescue Technician (SRT) operations including: providing downstream safety cover and support using throwing, reaching and wadding techniques. If we are every required to in a flood operation, our tasks can include evacuation of people from properties using shallow water skills.

Course content includes:
Rescuer safety
Water and flood dynamics and hazards
Personal and team equipment
On-scene safety briefing and site control
Pre-planning and incident management
Medical and personal welfare considerations
Basic swift-water swimming and self rescue
Bank based rescue options
Shallow water techniques
Two and four point boat and rope system
Awareness of the following:
Considerations for night operations
Mud, ice and unstable surface considerations
Inflated fire hose
Continuous loop shallow water rope system

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