SPIIOW operate two vehicles, One is a Nissan Qashqai (known as Mobile 1) and the other is a Toyota Rav 4 (known as Mobile 2) this has 4 x 4 capability. We operate our vehicles 7 days a week 365 days of the year across the Island, hence this being the biggest outgoing expense we have to date. Equipment in each vehicle:
  • Both vehicles are kitted out with equipment that the teams will use when approaching or talking to a person who is in a crisis / feeling suicidal. The teams safety always comes first and in order to reach a person they have to always think safety
  • A Caring & Compassionate team
  • PPE Equipment – this includes wet weather clothing, safety googles, face masks, gloves etc.
  • Radio Communication - with a state of the art radio system over a 3G,4G/LTE closed network (giving full Island coverage)
  • Safe Working At Height (SWAH) – safety lines / ropes, helmets harnesses
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Heat seeking equipment –With a range of around 1,800 meters
  • IPAD - For our team members to have up to date information at the touch of our finger tips provide a greater amount of detail
  • Medical kits – to the level of First Response Emergency Care (pre-hospital care)
  • Search Torches & Scene Lighting
  • Water Rescue PPE ( to level DEFRA Module 1 – 3)
Within the UK, Rescue3 training courses are used to provide the industry standard/best practice qualifications to all Cat 1 Responder organisations and voluntary blue light services. These internationally recognised standards allow personnel from SPIIOW to adopt the same operational techniques and command structures, meaning that cooperative working can occur at multi-agency incidents, for the benefit of those in need. SPIIOW invests significantly in maintaining these qualifications for the members of the our team, and fully support the CPD ethos for its members who wish to assist the public who are at risk of suicide, be that at height, woodland or in water based search & rescue.