welfare checks

Are you concerned about a loved one or someone you know?

Are you concerned for their safety?

Do you think suicide could be involved?

If the answer to this question is yes HELP is available. Our team of trained and skilled volunteers can undertake a welfare visit to the family or the person’s home address.

The purpose of the visits is to check on the well-being of the person you’re concerned about. Our front line team will go through the steps to engage with them to offer support or guidance.

Our aim is to work with the person to support their safety for now. This can involve exploring both internal (e.g. self-care/coping strategies etc) and external (e.g. GP/support workers) resources. We can signpost to other agencies and if appropriate refer to advocacy for help to access services or support.

If you are concerned about someone and think that suicide could be involved please reach out to our team 24 hours a day Suicide is preventable, if you are thinking about suicide help is available and it is good to talk.