Your Donations Explained.

Your Donations Explained.

Suicide Prevention & Intervention IOW (SPIIOW) is a completely independent Isle of Wight based charity, and whilst we work with other charitable organisations like ours across the country we remain independent.

We fundraise ourselves and spend the money we raise locally according the needs of our community.
We wanted to let you know how your donations to us are spent and assure you that we are using your money in the best possible way.

How we use your donations
In the last two years, our accounts show that we spend around 95% of our income on our charitable aims. This means that for every pound donated, 95p directly helps older people in B&NES. The other 5p is used to ensure that the charity runs effectively, efficiently and responsibly. It also helps us to fundraise the next pound, and the next, so that we can keep supporting the growing number of people who need our help.

How we raise money
To-date we have no paid fundraisers, so it’s the trustees who work hard to make sure we have enough money to run our vital services in the area. We rely on funding from various sources, trusts and foundations, local businesses and the local community.
Whether somebody runs a marathon for us, if we are left a gift in a will or given a donation at christmas, we always make sure that the donation is used in the best way possible and that it has an impact on the lives of the people we help.

Have your say
If your raising funds for SPIIOW or donating, we want you to have your say on how we spend the funds that you have so kindly raised, this is separated in the following ways

Day to Day Running Cost – this is costs incurred to operate the charity such as phone lines, insurance, internet

Team Member Training – it costs close to £3,000 to train each team member over a 12 month period. This will give the team member the professional training to become fully operational to save a life.

Operational Equipment – this is equipment that is used by our team members, this could be radios, PPE or water proof equipment

Training in the Community – this is to upskill our community to help and better prepare them to spot the signs of a person who is at risk of suicide

Once you inform us of the areas where you would like the funds ring fenced to we send you an update of how your funds have / are being spent until that total amount donated has been spent.