Suicide Prevention & Intervention (IOW) also known as SPIIOW, is an independent charity  with a small team of committed volunteers who are supported by our Trustees / Management board who oversee the workings of what we do. The primary function of Suicide Prevention & Intervention IOW (SPIIOW) is to support our community and seek to save lives from suicide across the Isle of Wight. Our highly skilled and trained professionals all of whom are made up by volunteers are ready to respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and ready to deploy at any time, in any weather.

Our teams cover some 380 square miles of the Island across varied terrain that includes rural land, forest, cliff & water based areas along with some very steep ground. This means members must be prepared to tackle areas far different to the normal day. SPIIOW is actively involved in suicide prevention as we see first-hand the devastation that it causes to families, friends and our community.

Alongside the means of suicide prevention, SPIIOW is continually establishing links to work in partnership with others and to provide support to those who are affected by suicide. Since SPIIOW become operational in 2018 our volunteer teams have been involved in and have started many interventions to stop a person ending their life by suicide and keeping that person safe for now and getting them further help they require.

SPIIOW will work with anyone to prevent loss of life from suicide and to provide support to those in need and we will continue with our stakeholder partners to look at how we can prevent suicide in our community thereby “helping keep our communities safe”


More than just skilled & accredited in our training SPIIOW is part of the community and believes in supporting the community by providing suicide prevention training that is available to anyone who is 15 years or over – this is delivered by our own trainers who are licensed and accredited to deliver this across the UK and further a field if required. SPIIOW is also keen in supporting community initiatives around suicide prevention.

We have strong links to a number of services based in our community our teams will regularly visit groups to talk about our work we undertake. It has been known that outside of our own geographical boundaries, we regularly work alongside other Suicide / Crisis Prevention & intervention teams.


We rely entirely on our fundraising activities, grants and your very kind donations to prevent loss of life across the Island by suicide. If you’d like to help us please check our support page, or if you would like to apply to join our team then take a look here at the roles available

Members of

The National Suicide Prevention Alliance (NSPA)

Zero Suicide Alliance

Association of Mental Health Providers