Suicide Prevention & Intervention (IOW) also known as SPIIOW, is an independent organisation with a small team of staff, supported by a large group of committed volunteers, with our Trustees / Management board who oversee the workings of what we do.

We are a Charity in Suicide Prevention, Intervention, Training & Education. Our aim is to seek to save lives across the Isle of Wight, this is done by using proven prevention training and / or using proven suicide (crisis) intervention to reach out, offering hope to anyone who is suicidal be that coastal or inland.

We also know that there is a lot of stigma and taboo attached to suicide, our aim is also to break this down and for people to talk openly about it and the way they are feeling . We break down the stigma and taboo about suicide in a number of ways, the most powerful way is our prevention & training courses delivered across the Island to many walks of life.

We rely entirely on our fundraising activities, grants and your very kind donations to prevent loss of life across the Island by suicide. If you’d like to help us please check our support page, or if you would like to apply to join our team then take a look here at the roles available