The training team here at SPIIOW are actively involved in suicide prevention as we see first-hand and know the devastation that it causes to families, friends and communities, even more so in a small community like ours.

Alongside these obvious means of suicide prevention, SPIIOW  is continually working hard in partnership with others to provide support to those who are feeling suicidal. We have been involved in or have started many interventions to reduce the number of deaths by suicide and we see prevention as a priority alongside our interventions and our follow up aftercare.  Our team will work with anyone or any organisation  to prevent loss of life from suicide and to provide support to those in need and we will continue to look at how we can prevent suicide in our communities thereby “helping keep our communities safe”

We know that there is a lot of stigma and taboo attached to suicide. One of our aims is to break this down, and for people to talk openly about it and the way they are feeling, We break down the stigma and taboo about suicide in a number of ways, the most powerful way is our prevention & training courses delivered across the Island (and further afield if required). Our trainers have undergone recognised training to deliver the courses and frequently undergo “top-up training” to ensure that the training SPI deliver is up to date. The training we offer is broken down into 3 different sections